Non-Residue Void Security Labels 85mm x 25mm

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SKU: KNR8525

Are you looking for a reliable way to protect your valuable goods from tampering during transit or storage? Look no further than TydenBrooks Non-Residue Void Security Labels.

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Non-Residue Void Security Labels 85 x 25mm

Made from durable Mylar polyester material and featuring a unique dual numbering tab, the non-residue void security labels provide a tamper evident solution to keep your items safe and secure. In this product description, we will explore the features and benefits of TydenBrooks Non-Residue Void Security Labels in more detail.

Tamper-Evident Security

The primary purpose of TydenBrooks Non-Residue Void Security Labels is to provide a tamper-evident solution for securing your products during transit or storage. These labels feature a special adhesive that leaves a VOID message if the label is removed, indicating that the package has been tampered with. This feature provides a visual indication of potential tampering and can help prevent theft, damage, or other unauthorized access to your goods. Additionally, the labels come with standard sequential numbering and barcoding options to provide even greater security.

KNR Customization Options

TydenBrooks Non-Residue Void Security Labels come in standard sizes of 85mm x 25mm, 110mm x 30mm and 120mm x 40mm, with blue and red as the standard colours. However, the company also offers customization options to meet your unique needs. You can choose from a variety of label sizes, colours, and printing options to create a personalized label that best suits your business needs. The custom printing option allows you to include your company logo or other branding elements on the label, adding an extra layer of security and authenticity to your product.

KNR Applications

  • Initially developed for use on the doors & hatches of aircraft when they are parked overnight or in flight, it is however suited for use on most surfaces.
  • This product gives visual evidence of tampering or illegal entrance on aircraft, vehicles, doors, sensitive equipment, lockers, containers, restricted areas, etc.

Durable Void Material

TydenBrooks Non-Residue Void Security Labels are made from Mylar polyester, a highly durable material that resists tearing and damage during transit. The labels also feature a strong adhesive that can bond to a variety of surfaces, ensuring that the label stays in place even during rough handling. The labels are also resistant to water, oil, and other common substances, ensuring that the label stays legible and intact throughout its journey.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Non-residue void label
  • Material: Mylar polyester
  • Standard Colours: blue and red
  • Stock Sizes: 85mm x 25mm, 110mm x 30mm, 120mm x 40mm
  • Standard sequential numbering (dual number tab)
  • Bar coding available
  • Surface Printing (stock seal): SECURITY SEAL
  • Customised printing, other sizes, and other label colours available upon request.

Packaging Specifications

  • 1,000 labels per roll; 550g per roll.
Weight 0.275 kg
Standard Stock Colours (Please choose an option:)

Blue, Red

Receipt Tab

Standard Label With Receipt Tab, Standard Label Without Receipt Tab