Non-Residue Void Security Labels

Non-Residue Void Security Labels

£120.00£155.00 (per roll)

The KNR is a NON-RESIDUE reaction ‘VOIDING’, self adhesive security label. The label leaves an easy to see VOID/OPEN security message in the label material itself, while leaving NO adhesive residue on the sealed surface.

£120.00 (per roll)
£155.00 (per roll)

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Non-Reside Security Label Applications

  • Doors and hatches
  • Cars and Vans
  • Remain Over Night (RON)
  • IT equipment
  • Sensitive areas
  • Electronic equipment.
  • Search & Seal POLSA use
  • ATM Pre-pay Petrol/Diesel pumps

KNR Security Label Features

  • Available in standard design stock sizes in blue
  • Leaves clear VOID OPENED message on the seal itself upon removal
  • Can be personalised in red, blue, black or green material
  • Other colours available on larger quantities.

KNR Material Specification

  • Mylar matt polyester face material, smooth ‘write-on’ surface.
  • High tack acrylic adhesive backing
  • Recommended Application Temperature 59°F- +95°F (15°C- +35°C)
  • Operational temperature 0°C – +92°C (32°F- +197°F) dependent on application
  • Supplied in reels of 1,000 as standard on glassine backing.

KNR Print/Options

  • Available as stock seal or personalised to customer instruction
  • Text or logo with sequential numbering or bar coding as an option
  • Single or multiple dual number tab to assist in asset control
  • There are three recommended sizes: 25mm x 85mm, 110mm x 30mm, & 120mm x 40mm

Standard Stock Sizes

  • Ex Stock item Blue KNR85 -25mm x 85mm reels of 500 or 1,000
  • Ex stock item Blue KNR85 – 110mm x 30mm reels of 500 or 1,000
  • Ex stock item Blue KNR85 – 40mm x 120mm reels of 500 or 1,000




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Download KNR Non-Residue Security Label Datasheet


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