Silver Foil Security Labels 120mm x 30mm

Silver Foil Security Labels 120mm x 30mm

£219.00 (per roll)

  • General surfaces
  • Non fibrous/fibrous surfaces
  • Wooden crates and boxes
  • Search and Seal operations
  • Luggage/ Transit Bags
  • Trailers/Containers
  • Doors & hatches

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The MRP2 is a matt silver polyester foil frangible security label, backed with a rubber based high tack adhesive. The label incorporates the security petal cuts, which causes the label to break up on removal, making it almost impossible to re apply in one piece. The label is especially suited to harsh environments on both porous and non-porous surfaces. The MRP2 is also designed not to leave unwanted adhesive residue on the surface of the item being sealed


  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Double interlocking security cuts
  • Available in standard design stock sizes
  • High tensile material strength
  • Can be personalised to instruction
  • Perforated between each seal for ease of application



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