Bolt Seal – SnapTracker

Bolt Seal – SnapTracker

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  • Bolt and body are keyed to prevent spinning.
  • Large flag on both the bolt and body allow for the laser printed information to be easily read.
  • ISO 17712 “H” classification for High Security Seal
  • Both parts numbered to prevent fraud by replacement of either bolt or body.
  • Parts come attached in a unique package for ease of use and accurate tracking of numbers.

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SnapTracker High Security Bolt Seal

The SnapTracker Bolt Seal is a high security bolt seal that is ISO 17712:2013 “H” Certified, designed to secure high value intermodal container container cargo. The SnapTracker bolt and locking bush are moulded with ABS High-Impact plastic and laser marked with ‘twinned’ sequential numbering for trace and trace security. Once the seal is applied to the container door locking hatch, the SnapTracker can only be removed by using bolt cutters.

SnapTracker Specifications

  • Materials: ABS Plastic and Steel
  • Operational Length: 1 ¼”
  • Minimum slot for seal to pass through: 3/8”
  • Numbering: 7 digits

Regulations & Customs Acceptance

  • ISO 17712:2013 “H” compliant High Security Seal
  • HM Revenue & Customs High Barrier Seal Class 1
  • C-TPAT US In-Bond Security

This security seal is fully compliant with the highest standards of high-security seals ISO17712:2013. The SnapTracker is also classified as a HMRC Group 1 Barrier Seal. This means that this seal has been tested and is able to withstand over 1,000kg of force, as required by HMRC Customs.

Applications / Industries

  • Transport & Logistics
  • Shipping Containers
  • Trailer Door Latches

What Is ISO 17712? 

ISO 17712 is the industry standard for high-security seals and defines three types of classes of security seal strength, or barrier capacity: “I” for Indicative; “S” for Security; and “H” for High Security. C-TPAT requires the use of “H” class seals. As a manufacturer requirement, we use independent third party testing laboratories to validate the SnapTracker’s classification. The SnapTracker bolt seal is fully complaint with ISO17712:2013 “H” regulations.

Standard Seal Colours


  • Durable laser markings
  • Numbering: 7 digits


  • 200 seals per box
  • Gross Weight: 13kg per box
  • Box Dimensions: 41cm x 31cm x 28cm

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 41 × 31 × 28 cm
Standard Stock Colours

Red, White, Yellow

ISO Classification

C-TPAT Compliant, ISO17712


ABS High Impact Plastic Coating, Carbon Steel

Download Datasheet / Certificates

Download SnapTracker Datasheet

Download ISO 17712 Certificate

Download ISO 17712 Clause 6 Certificate


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