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Tug Tight Seal 15″

£126.00per box of 1,000

SKU: S32011121

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Tug Tight Seal – Plastic Pull-tight Seal 15″ length

The Tug Tight is a heavy-duty plastic pull-tight-seal, that is an ideal security seal for applications that require varying tail length. The tug-tight security seal is a one-piece, one-time use, tamper-evident pull-tight adjustable security seal. The tug-tight allows the user to cinch up the seal according to their specific size requirements.

If you are looking for a pull-tight seal that works for heavy-duty applications, then this Tug Tight Seal is precisely what you need. Whether you are securing your trailer doors, bulk tankers, railcars, tote boxes, fiber drums, storage cabinets, and more, Tug Tight Seal can truly deliver.

The Tug Tight is a plastic pull-tight seal, ideal for applications that require varying tail lengths. The security seal is a one-piece, one-time use only, and is adjustable and tamper-evident. It has an acetal locking mechanism with laser-etched barcoding available at the extended flag. It is perfect for all weather conditions because it can withstand extreme cold and heat.

They are also individually numbered and stamped with ‘SEALED’ for our standard stock. Your company name and logo, or a barcode can be added on qualified quantities. Please get in touch with our sales team for details on this.

Heavy Duty Plastic Seal

The tug-tight allows you to cinch up the seal according to their specific size requirements. Made of high-density Polyethylene and Acetal, the seal is extremely durable and has an average pull-apart force of 18.1 kgThere are 10 tug-tight seals per mat and 1000 pieces per carton.

Available in a variety of colours

Available standard stock colours are blue, red, and yellow. Other colours are available POA due to the Tug Tight Seal made at our North American facility. 

With our 350 years of combined experience and history in manufacturing security seals, extensive research, and exquisite design, we keep our brand promise to lead the way and secure the world. 


  • Hot Stamped Printing
  • Numbering: 7 digits
  • Lettering: 3 lines of 8 characters (8 characters max online orders – contact Customer Service if additional lettering required)
  • Laser barcoding available with an extended flag


  • 10 per mat,1,000 per carton
Weight 5.1 kg
Standard Stock Colours (Please choose an option:)

Blue, Red, Yellow


Acetyl, Polyethylene

Average Break-Apart Strength