Permanent Void Security Labels 85mm x 25mm

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TydenBrooks Permanent Void Security Labels

If you’re looking for permanent void security labels from TydenBrooks, you have come to the right place. TydenBrooks provides a wide range of tamper-evident security seals, tapes, and labels that are designed to protect and ensure the authenticity of your goods [3]. Here are three distinct content sections to help you understand more about TydenBrooks’ permanent void security labels and why they are a great investment.

Prevent Tampering and Unauthorized Access with Permanent Void Security Labels

TydenBrooks’ permanent void security labels are designed to provide a visible indication of tampering or unauthorized access to your products or goods. These labels use a special adhesive that leaves behind a “void” message when removed, making it easy to identify if the label has been tampered with or removed [1]. The permanent adhesive ensures that the label will stay in place, providing an extra layer of protection for your goods.

Easy to Use and Versatile Security Labels for Various Applications

TydenBrooks’ permanent void security labels come in different sizes and shapes to fit a wide range of applications. The KR full residue security label, for example, is a 120mm x 40mm label that uses a permanent voiding self-adhesive to leave behind an easy-to-remove adhesive residue when removed, providing a clear indication of tampering or unauthorized access [2]. KNR non-residue void security labels, on the other hand, are designed for use in situations where residue from the label is not desired. These labels use a non-residue adhesive that leaves no trace when removed [3].

Invest in Quality and Reliable Security Labels from a Trusted Brand

For 150 years, TydenBrooks has been a trusted provider of high-quality and reliable security seals, tapes, and labels. With a long history  of innovation and high reputation for excellent customer service, TydenBrooks is committed to delivering products that meet the needs of its customers. The company’s permanent void security labels are designed to provide a reliable and effective solution for protecting and authenticating your goods, and are a great investment for any business or organization that values security and integrity.


  • Type: Removable residue void label
  • Material: Mylar polyester
  • Standard Colours: red and blue
  • Stock Sizes: 85mm x 25mm; 110mm x 30mm
  • Standard sequential numbering (duplicate tab optional)
  • Bar coding available
  • Surface Printing (standard seal): SECURITY SEAL
  • Dual Numbering Tab on both sizes; dual-numbered for stock
  • Customised printing, other sizes, and other label colours available


  • 1,000 labels per roll; 1.25 lbs (550g) per roll
Standard Stock Colours (Please choose an option:)

Blue, Red