About TydenBrooks UK

TydenBrooks is a leading manufacturer of security seals, tapes, labels and other security devices. With over 350 years combined experience in the industry, TydenBrooks has consistently exhibited market leadership through innovation, research, quality design and manufacturing on a global basis. The new entity of TydenBrooks is committed to producing competitively priced high-quality products with a strong commitment to customer service and support.

With roots going back to the 1870s when our founder E.J. Brooks transitioned from being a lead toy maker in New York City to the first security seal manufacturer in America, we have been committed to producing competitively priced, high quality, customizable security seals with the shortest lead times and an unwavering commitment to customer service.

Leading The Way, Securing The World

Who We Serve

Our commitment to customers and independent standards means that we guarantee the highest quality tamper evident seals. Our innovative technology, dedication to excellence, and strict adherence to ISO-9001:2008 regulations create an unbeatable level of security for industries around the globe.


We provide custom printed seals that can be barcoded, numbered sequentially or imprinted with logos and company names. Our in-house printing machinery enables us to offer our customers top quality products at the best prices and fastest delivery times for their security seal needs.

What We Do

TydenBrooks has been a symbol of dependability and quality craftsmanship since 1873. This commitment to excellence motivates us to continually invest in research and development, ensuring that our security seals are the most reliable on the market. Our customer care is unrivalled by competitors, driven by technical expertise paired with passion for service delivery from every member of staff involved at TydenBrooks.