Flexsecure 5mm Cable Seal

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The Flexsecure FS50 is a 5mm anodised aluminium bodied cable security seal, with ISO 17712:2013 “H” certification and is C-TPAT compliance.

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Flexsecure FS50 High Security 5mm Cable Seal 

The Flexsecure 50 is our strongest and most robust high security 5mm cable seal,  for high-value container movements. Featuring a 5mm diameter cable the Flexsecure 50 is suitable for the toughest of applications. The seal can withstand over one tonne of tensile load. It is classified as a High-Security seal as per the ISO 7712:2013 testing standards and is C-TPAT compliant. The Flexsecure 5mm cable seal can be used to seal cargo being transported through customs internationally, including between the UK and EU after Brexit.

The non-preform cable frays wildly when cut and is galvanized for corrosion protection. The patent pending locking mechanism inside the anodized aluminium housing makes sure your goods are safe in transit.


  • Cross Border Shipments
  • High-Value Shipments
  • Trailer Door Latches
  • Container Door Latches
  • Rail Cars

Flexsecure Sealing Procedure

The Flexsecure is easy to apply, just pull the cable through and tighten to minimise the loop for an extremely strong and secure tamper-evident seal.

We can supply sequentially numbered security seals from UK stocks in a range of standard colours, diameters, and lengths, as well as customised seals. For custom options please contact our customer services team.

Flexsecure Custom Marking Options

The FS50 seals can be supplied with laser marking of the company name/logo, barcoding, and custom sequential numbering.

Flexsecure 5mm Stock Colours

Our Flexsecure 5mm are available in red.

Flexsecure 5mm Certification and Classification

The FS50 is fully compliant with the highest standards of high-security seals. It is ISO17712:2013 certified and is classified as an HMRC Group 1 Barrier Seal. This means that this seal has been tested and is able to withstand over 1,000kg of force, as required by HMRC.


Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 56 × 26 × 16 cm
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Aircraft Steel

ISO Classification

C-TPAT Compliant, ISO17712

Average Break-Apart Strength