Tyden Ball Seal

Tyden Ball Seal

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  • Freight Containers,
  • Vehicle Doors,
  • TIR Cables,
  • Curtain Side Buckles,
  • Storage Bins,
  • Tractors & Trailer Doors.
  • Hopper Cars

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The Original Cargo Seals

The Tyden Ball Seal has been the world’s standard of cargo seals for more than 100 years. It was first patented in 1913 by W.M. Brooks and has maintained its high quality reputation in the security sealing industry. The Tyden Ball Seal is trusted by 1,000s of global customers.
The Tyden Ball Seal is a robust all metal security seal, providing secure protection for cargo shipments in transit. It is most commonly used for sealing of trailer doors and railway cars.

Our metal ball seal is a reliable and immediate indicator to your customers that, the goods have been received as sent. The cargo seal features a locking mechanism totally enclosed in the head, which is secured by two independent spring rings. The ball seal is applied without the need of tools.

The Tyden Ball Seal is manufactured with unique anti-tamper features and has been accepted as a HMRC customs seal, ensuring you remain compliant after the introduction of the UK-EU customs border after Brexit.

Tyden Ball Seal Features

  • A world standard for more than 100 years and offers the most security for a tamper-indicative cargo seal.
  • Double locking ring design provides 100% effective closure
  • Seal end is visible for inspection through sight viewing hole
  • Removal impossible without leaving evidence of tampering
  • Optional safety rolled edge for easy handling


  • Made of tin-plated steel, optional painted strap or painted head (not both)
  • Cold stamped marking with two lines of up to 17 characters and 5-10 digits
  • Tensile strength: 116 lbf. (0.52 kN)
  • Removal: cut with tool (cable cutters model c-7 or tin cutters)

Marking / Printing

  • Standard: Embossed

Product Numbers

  • Standard Ball Seal S6161TTT
  • Rolled Edge Ball Seal S8181TTT


  • Standard Packing: 100/wire,1,000 per carton
  • Carton Dimensions: 40.6 cm x 33.0 cm x 15.2 cm
  • Carton Weight: 6.8 kg

Additional information

Weight 6.8 kg
Dimensions 40 × 33 × 15.2 cm
Edge Type

Standard Ball Seal, Rolled Edge Ball Seal


Tin Metal Strip

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