Security labels prevent unauthorised users from tampering with a sealed item without the knowledge of the user. They can be used for many different types of surface applications for identification and tamper-evidence. Our standard stocked Security labels reveal a VOID/OPEN message when tampered with. Our non-residue labels can be customized to your specifications, such as logos, messages, consecutive numbering, and barcodes. All of our labels come in rolls of 1,000. The sizes are standard sizes nn blue or red material. Custom sizes, colours, shapes and roll quantities are available, please note minimum order quantities will be required for custom work.

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Silver Foil Security Labels 120mm x 30mm

£219.00 (per roll)
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Void Residue Security Labels 85mm x 25mm

£135.00 (per roll)
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White Stretch Perforated Security Label 120mm x 30mm

£247.68 (per roll)
knr110 void security label
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Non-Residue Void Security Labels 110 x 30mm

From £160.00