Flexsecure 1.5mm Cable Seal

£135.00per box of 200


Now ISO 17712 “S” Certified

Box Quantity: 200 per box
The Flexsecure is a light-weight metal cable seal with a 1.5mm cable diameter.

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Flexsecure 1.5mm Cable Seal

The Flexsecure (FS15) is 1.5mm cable seal is lightweight and made with an anodised aluminium body. The FS15 cable seal is easy-to-use, suitable for securing sacks, crates air cargo containers, trailer doors, drums, bulk tanker valves and motorsport engine operations. The Flexsecure 1.5mm is a popular choice with our customers securing bulk tanker trucks shipping dry powders, grains, plastic pellets, and liquids. When applied to the application, the Flexsecure 1.5mm cinches tight on hatches to prevent contamination and tampering of contents. Requires a C-9 cable cutter for removal, it is approved by Food Ingredient/Chemical producers around the world.

The 1.5mm Flexsecure features a large anodized aluminium body with high security laser marking capabilities. It comes with a non-preformed security cable that frays when cut, to prevent re-insertion. Multiple colours available, custom cable lengths available on request, minimum order quantities. For customisation options of this cable seal please contact us.

What are the benefits of the FS15 Cable Seal?

The Flexsecure 1.5mm cable seal is designed for national and regional medium to light duty bulk shipments. It is one of our best selling products in Europe, Middle East and Africa. This cable seal is produced very efficiently, due to automated production lines at our manufacturing plants.


  • High Value Shipments.
  • Trailer Door Latches.
  • Bulk Tankers
  • Motorsport Engines
  • Valves and Meters
  • Rail cars

Product Features

  1. The Tamper-evident cable separates into individual strands when cut and cannot be resealed.
  2. Provides added durability over plastic bodied seals but maintains the colour identification.
  3. Provides a versatile method of identification.
  4. Available in a variety of colours.
  5. Can be customised by laser printing a name, logo, consecutive numbers and bar code.
  6. Patent Pending.
Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 42 × 24 × 18.5 cm
Standard Stock Colours (Please choose an option:)

Black, Blue, Red


Aircraft Steel