Security Labels & Tapes

Security Tapes and Labels are special adhesive tapes and labels with a high-bond strength to provide visual proof of tampering for various kinds of products and equipment.

Typical applications include products or equipment containers, files, doors, containers, detectors, scales, gas pumps, ATMs, credit card machines and can be used in conjunction with other security seals. Security Tapes and Labels provide tamper-evidence through chosen designs, such as: VOID messaging, fracturing, delaminating, or leaving a residue on applied surface when they have been tampered with.

Security Tapes & Labels can be individualized to fit the needs of all users. Typical marking choices include logos, custom text, consecutive numbering, barcodes, hologram and customized VOID messaging.

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Silver Foil Security Labels 120mm x 30mm

£219.00 (per roll)
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Void Residue Security Labels 85mm x 25mm

£135.00 (per roll)
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White Stretch Perforated Security Label 120mm x 30mm

£247.68 (per roll)
knr110 void security label
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Non-Residue Void Security Labels 110 x 30mm

From £160.00