Plastic pull tight seals by TydenBrooks, provide you with a high quality indicative security seal solution at an incredible value.

TydenBrooks manufactures a variety of tamper evident, pull tight seals in the UK. Our UK manufactured plastic seals include the Secure-PullSecure-Tight and Secure-Grip. This type of security seal allows the user to ‘pull tight’ the seal according to their specific size requirements.

Pull-tight seals, also known as adjustable length, or pull-up seals, are ideal for use when one seal type is used to secure multiple items. Or when a specific application varies by size.

Our pull-tight seals are available in lengths ranging from 6 inches to 18 inches, and with varying break strengths that range from 4kgs to 54kgs.

All of our plastic security seals come as a standard stock size, colours and markings. You can select from a wide variety of colours, laser marking options, barcoding, and other enhancements to add extra layers of security and protection. Please note minimum order quantities will apply.

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