Handilok HL-8 Padlock Seal

Handilok HL-8 Padlock Seal

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The Handilok HL-8 Plastic Padlock Seal is an easy to use padlock seal designed for application with one hand


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Medical Cart Padlock Seals

The Handilok seal is a plastic padlock seal, it is easy to lock with one hand & easy to remove. The Handilok is a versatile tamper evident locking tag. It features a thin locking shaft which will pass through most latch mechanisms, providing an identity and integrity check for cases, containers and trays. Available in choice of colours numbered from stock or customised to bespoke order. (Contact TydenBrooks for More information)

Handilok Applications / Indsutries

Handilok padlock seals are well suited for the security and identification of surgical trays which are being used in hospitals, laboratories and medical settings. This tamper proof lock can be used to identify the status of medical & surgical equipment, for example surgical instruments and trays, carts and crates as they move through sterilisation processes through to holding areas and finally to surgery operating rooms. The Handilok padlock seal has been extremely valuable to the NHS for maintaining COVID-Secure environments throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Handilok Features

  • Versatile single-use padlock seal for varied application on cases, containers and trays
  • Locking tag suitable for surgical trays
  • Available pre-numbered or customised with bespoke information
  • One-piece, easy-break, all-plastic construction.
  • Straight, thin locking arrow applies with one hand and fits most latch mechanisms.
  • Designed for reliable, cost-effective tamper-evidence and quick access.
  • Individually numbered and stamped with company name and logo.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 124 × 451 × 215 cm
Standard Stock Colours

Blue, Red

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