Rubber Drain Cover Seals

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    Rubber Drain Cover Seals

    £86.88 (per 100)

    Seals size 70 x 70mm or 120 x 70mm, supplied sequentially numbered with controlled supply to customers such as Security Police, Military and Special Protection Authorities.


    • Manhole Covers
    • Rough Surfaces
    • External Tool/Utility Boxes
    • Drain Covers
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    TydenClip Bag and Pouch Security Seals

    From £40.78
    • The price shown is per pack of seals, please add to your basket the number of boxes you require.
    • The minimum order for customised TydenClips is 10,000.
    • TydenClips can be customised with logo and bar code.
    • Each pack contains 1,000 Security Seals
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