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New Cable and Bolt Seal Laser Markings

Bolt Seals with UV Markings background removed

We are excited to announce that TydenBrooks UK Ltd has recently released a new video showcasing our UV laser marking capabilities for our cable seals and bolt seals range [1]. This innovative technology allows us to laser mark company logos in colour, providing an added layer of customization and security for our clients’ shipments.

At TydenBrooks, we pride ourselves on being one of the most reliable manufacturers in terms of lead times for large volume orders, and our tamper-evident security seals meet top quality standards that conform to ISO:9001 regulations. Additionally, through TydenTrack, clients can trace any product back to its batch production quickly and easily [1].

Our high-security seals are constructed of materials such as metal bolt seals or metal cable seals, designed to prevent intrusion, and conform to world customs and ISO security seal standards. In fact, our seals are categorized and marked “H” as high-security seals, meeting the requirements of ISO 17712:2013 [2].

For those interested in learning more about our UV laser marking capabilities and the benefits of our high-security seals, please contact our customers via our website or check out our LinkedIn Company Page  We are always available to answer any questions and discuss how our products can help protect your shipments.

Are you interested in learning more about TydenBrooks' high-quality security seals and how they can protect your shipments? Our experienced team is here to help.

Don't wait to secure your shipments with TydenBrooks' proven security solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help protect your business.