Intelligent Real-Time Tamper Detection

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Not Just Another Security Seal

Elevate your security measures today with TydenBrooks’ ISO 17712:2013 Certified High Security RFID & BLE intelligent tamper detection seals. Be at the forefront of innovation, ensuring your assets are protected with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

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A Legacy of Leadership in Security

For over 150 years, TydenBrooks has been at the forefront of the security industry, consistently driving the evolution of asset protection across the globe.

Introducing the Future of Asset Security

We are excited to unveil our latest breakthrough in digital security technology: the RFID & BLE intelligent tamper detection seals. More than just an addition to our extensive product range, this innovation represents a critical evolution, setting new, unparalleled standards in the realm of asset protection.

BLE Seal Advantage

  • Real-Time Tamper Detection

    Receive real-time tamper alerts through BLE broadcast to a paired gateway.

  • Integrated Data Analytics

    Enhance your security measure with powerful analytics that integrate seamlessly with existing gateways and Transportation Management Systems (TMS).

  • Precision Engineering

    Discrete, familiar design that is comparable to existing metal cable seals. Designed to reduce pilferage and increase operational efficiency.

  • Tailored to High-Risk Needs

    Customize these seals to fit the specific requirements of sensitive and high-value goods, ensuring alignment with all your customers’ freight.

  • Real Time Location

    Cellular/GPS with cargo condition alerts to precisely locate, track and secure your cargo.

Shipping Container

RFID Seal Advantage

  • Automated Gate Solutions

    Streamline entry and exit processes at DC gate portals, accelerating verification of shipments without human intervention.

  • 3-State Detection

    Quickly identify tampering with 3-state (Open, Closed, Cut) readings transmitted once scanned by handheld readers or fixed antennas.

  • Seamless System Integration

    Our RFID seals integrate with yard management software, enhancing operational efficiencies with leading retailers and distribution partners.

  • Labor Force Optimization

    Transition gate personnel to other critical areas within your operations, optimizing your labor force and enhancing overall productivity.


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