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How to Mitigate Cargo Theft Incidents with High-Security Seals in the UK and Ireland 2023

How to Mitigate Cargo Theft Incidents with High-Security Seals in the UK and Ireland 2023

In recent years, the UK and Ireland have experienced a significant increase in cargo theft incidents, posing a serious threat to supply chains and the economy. According to the TAPA EMEA Cargo Crime Monitor, these two countries have reported nearly 3,000 incidents so far this year, with an average cargo loss of £66,587. Among the reported incidents, 312 were categorized as "Theft from Trailer." As businesses strive to protect their valuable assets and reduce the financial impact of such incidents, investing in high-security seals can play a crucial role in enhancing logistics operations' overall security.

The Role of Mechanical Security Seals

Mechanical security seals provide an additional layer of security across logistics operations by offering tamper-evident features that clearly indicate any signs of tampering. These seals are uniquely laser marked with sequential serial numbers, allowing for an audit trail throughout the chain of custody. One notable example is ISO 17712:2013 "H" certified seals, which offer exceptional sheer and pull-strengths of over 1 ton, acting as a strong deterrent against theft attempts.

Assessing the Value of Higher Security Seals

When considering an investment in higher security seals over conventional plastic seals, businesses must evaluate the potential benefits and long-term cost savings. While high-security metal cable and bolt seals may have a higher initial cost, as low as £120 per box, they offer substantial advantages in mitigating pilferages. These seals are specifically designed to withstand tampering attempts, providing enhanced protection for valuable cargo.

The Current Climate and Procurement Considerations

In the current economic climate, where procurement departments often face pressure to reduce spending, it becomes crucial to evaluate the overall cost-effectiveness of security measures. While cost-cutting measures may seem attractive, it's important to assess the potential impact of cargo theft incidents on the bottom line. By investing in higher security seals, businesses can significantly reduce the number of cargo theft incidents, ultimately saving money in the long run.

Demonstrating the Financial Impact

Cargo theft incidents pose a significant financial burden on businesses. According to the TAPA EMEA Intelligence System, cargo crimes cost the UK economy over €485 million annually. The average loss for incidents stating a value is €110,233. By extrapolating these figures, it becomes evident that even a single cargo theft incident can result in substantial financial losses. Therefore, investing in higher security seals can be seen as a proactive measure to mitigate potential financial risks.

Enhancing Security Measures with High-Security Seals

High-security seals act as a visible deterrent, dissuading potential thieves from attempting cargo theft. These seals offer superior strength, making it extremely difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access to trailers or tamper with the cargo. The tamper-evident features provided by these seals play a vital role in detecting any attempted theft, allowing businesses to take immediate action and minimize losses.

Creating a Secure Chain of Custody with Security Seals

One of the critical advantages of using high-security seals is the ability to establish a secure chain of custody. With each seal being uniquely laser marked and sequentially numbered, businesses can easily track and monitor the movement of their cargo throughout the supply chain. This provides an essential audit trail, enabling the identification of potential security breaches and facilitating the investigation process in case of any incidents.

Industry Compliance and Certification

ISO 17712:2013 "H" certification is a globally recognized standard for high-security seals. This certification ensures that the seals meet stringent requirements for strength and tamper resistance. By opting for ISO 17712:2013 "H" certified seals, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to maintaining high-security standards and complying with industry regulations.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Security Seal Best Practices

To effectively combat cargo theft, it is essential for businesses, industry associations, and relevant stakeholders to collaborate and share knowledge. Organizations such as the Transported Asset Protection Association EMEA (TAPA EMEA) provide valuable intelligence and resources to help businesses stay informed about the latest trends in cargo crime. By leveraging such resources, businesses can make informed decisions and implement effective security measures to protect their valuable assets.

Cargo theft incidents in the UK and Ireland pose significant challenges to supply chains, causing substantial financial losses and disruptions. However, businesses can take proactive steps to mitigate these risks by investing in high-security seals. Mechanical security seals by TydenBrooks provide tamper-evident features and create a secure chain of custody, enhancing overall logistics security. Despite potential cost-cutting measures, investing in higher security seals can result in long-term cost savings by reducing the number of cargo theft incidents and their associated financial impact.

By prioritizing security measures, collaborating with industry associations, and staying informed about the latest trends in cargo crime, businesses can strengthen their defenses and safeguard their valuable assets.

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