TydenBrooks – preferred manufacturer of airline catering security seals, airport security bags, security labels for catering equipment and aircraft doors

TydenBrooks is a global manufacturer of security seals for airlines and airports. We supply indicative plastic security seals, security labels, high security container seals, (bolt and cable seals), security tapes, metal security seals, meter wire seals and much more to the aviation industry.

Catering Cart Seals

All Seal Adjustable Length Seal

From £72.16
  • Heavy-duty, all plastic, one-piece construction.
  • Patented, tamper-resistant, nylon locking mechanism.
  • Patented removal system.
  • Thin sealing strap designed to fit most locking rings and equipment latches.
  • Individually numbered and stamped with company name/logo.
  • Laser-etched barcoding available.

Equilok Pull-Up Seal

From £72.31
Easy-to-use Plastic Pull up Seal The Equilock is a strong and small plastic pull up security seal with a 2.7mm

SecurePull 2mm (215mm) w/prongs & w/tl

From £67.61
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • 2.0mm diameter tail fits small sealing apertures.
  • Integral metal clip provides a high level of security.
  • Flexible, smooth strap allows easy Pull-up.
  • Without gripping prongs or tear away feature also available.

SecureHasp Security Padlock

The SecureHasp II padlock seal is an upgrade of the original E.J. Brooks plastic padlock seal, that was introduced in 1952.


From £47.52
New Colour Polychecks now Laser Marked

ICAO STEB Security Bags for Airport Duty Free Stores

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ICAO STEBs (Security Tamper Evident Bags) for Airport Duty Free Stores are designed to secure LAGs (Liquids, Aerosols & Gels) purchased at airport duty free stores. TydenBrooks can produce custom ICAO Bags as your demands. We offer 3 standard stock sizes and customised STEBs bags for your requirements. TydenBrooks is eligible to provide STEBs for International Airport and Duty Free Shops. TydenBrooks' duty free bags, compliance all requirements functions and specification from ICAO.
  • State/manufacture code
  • Single reinforced handle is for easier carry
  • Unique serial number and barcode for Track and Trace
  • Tamper Evident Tape Closure
  • Inner pouch for carrying receipt
  • ICAO Logo
  • Wide in-set seals
  • 100% recyclable and environment–friendly materials.

Non-Residue Void Security Labels 85 x 25mm

From £135.00
The KNR is a NON-RESIDUE VOIDING self adhesive security label

Flexsecure 1.5mm Cable Seal

From £92.56

Now ISO 17712 "S" Certified

Box Quantity: 200 per box The Flexsecure is a light-weight metal cable seal with a 1.5mm cable diameter.

Hawk Seal Re-Usable Catering Cart Seal

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