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Reusable Catering Delivery Bag for Takeaway Food and Catering Services

Delivery food catering bags by Tydenbrooks

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]TydenBrooks Security Seals UK manufactures a wide selection of reusable security bags, known as Tydenpaks. The TydenPak has the leading-edge in the closed-looped movement of items. Currently one of our best-selling reusable bags is our thermal insulated catering delivery bag. It was designed in the UK and manufactured with a high-grade PVC material.

The Original Re-Usable Security Bag

The inside of the bag is insulated with foil to keep takeaway meals or catering food hot or cold. When put to the test by one of Europe’s biggest low-cost airlines, the bag was able to maintain safe temperatures for up to 8.5 hours. There are two internal mesh sleeves sown into the walls of the catering bag that will hold ice bricks for keeping food cold in extreme temperatures.

  • The foil material is a better alternative to traditional Thinsulate material because it can maintain temperature for longer periods.
  • Its durable, will not tear.
  • It is more Economical
  • COVID-clean – wipe the insides clean and easily sanitise for the next use.
  • Each bag has a minimum guarantee of 2,000 uses.

The catering delivery bag is one of the original re-usable security bags by TydenBrooks.

The catering delivery bag contains all the unique preventative security features available. The bag has internal stitching to prevent the thread from being picked at. The zippers are reversed to stop sharp objects from popping open the zipper. Each bag has an internal information window for personalization.

Improved Design to be COVID-clean & User-Friendly

The bag is very mobile and easy to carry, this us down to our improved 50mm carry handles that do not irritate or rub your hands. The carrier handles can be easily wiped clean with antibacterial wipes to help maintain a COVID- clean environment.

The zipper is fitted with the Tyden 8 locking chamber that once the zipper is closed is secured with our Patented TydenClip. The TydenClip ensures no unauthorised personnel can enter the bag and contaminate the contents; it keeps the zipper locked inside the chamber. If tampering of the TydenClip occurs the TydenClip will break and cannot be resealed or glued back together.

There are similar bags currently being used in the hospitality industry that do not offer the same levels of security. Allowing for the seal to be manipulated without showing any evidence of tampering. If you are currently using these bags, you need to reconsider your supply options, or contact TydenBrooks and request a consultation, or a free trial with our catering delivery bags.

The catering delivery bag is a custom made TydenPak, which is originally designed to secure inflight catering operations for transporting hot food or dry ice for drink refreshments from the airport bond to the aircraft. Pandemic restrictions have prevented airlines from offering in-flight catering services to passengers. However, the bags can still be used within restaurants, fast food outlets and all other catering services who are working with delivery companies to deliver hot food to you.

We not only offer an extensive range of standard stock products. We can also design and produce catering delivery bags to suit most applications, special sizes, shapes, colours, or styles. All custom requirements are subject to a minimum order quantity.

If you are a caterer, restauranteur, fast-food chain, food delivery service or an airline and looking to provide passengers, customers with freshly made hot or cold food securely, please contact TydenBrooks for a sample of our catering delivery bag solution, Tydenise your supply chain!


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