SecureTite 300ml No features

SecureTite 300ml No features

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If you are looking for a plastic seal for a multitude of applications, Secure-Tite is the best option. Whether you are tidying up your computer wires, organizing your items, or securing a box or your luggage, this seal is a reliable tool for any project.


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SecureTite 300ML Plastic Seal with No Features by TydenBrooks

This plastic pull-tight security seal is adjustable and multifunctional. As the name implies, it can be pulled tight and can be adjusted to any desired length within the overall operating limit.

It is a one-piece construction seal with a self-locking mechanism. There are 10 plastic seals per mat and is provided with or without prongs and tear off. The plastic seal is available in 7-inch and 11-inch strap lengths.

They are perfect for a range of applications such as inner drum bags, plastic & cloth bags, in-bond shipments, hatches, valves, pouches, liquor cabinets, tote boxes, bulk shipments, coin bags, and more!

Made from premium quality nylon or polypropylene, you can guarantee that the SecureTite seal is durable. The average pull apart force is 49kg. It can be heat-stamped with name or number markings and printed with bar-coded vinyl labels (interleaved 2 or 5, Code 39 or 128).

The SecureTite is a one piece adjustable length plastic strap seal for use in a wide variety of applications, and is provided with or without prongs and tear off, supplied in a choice of 2 sizes.


  • Inner Drum Bags
  • Plastic & Cloth Bags
  • In-Bond Shipments
  • Hatches
  • Liquor Cabinets
  • Tote Boxes
  • Bulk Shipments
  • Coin Bags

Optional Material –  Nylon available for additional strength

Additional information


Nylon, Polypropylene

Standard Stock Colours

Blue, Green, White

Break Strength


Strap Length

279mm, 381mm

Flag Size

51mm x 22mm

Download Datasheet / Certificates

Download Secure Tite Datasheet


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